Friday, June 21, 2013

Tiba ya Kuoza Meno - Natural Home Remedies for Tooth Decay

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Tooth Decay:

• Tooth decay is a major cause for tooth loss

Symptoms to look for:

• Development of cavities in the mouth
• Presence of plaque or black sticky deposits on teeth


• Excessive consumption of sugary and starchy food
• Bacteria in the mouth convert the sugar into acids 
• Acid combines with food particles to form plaque
• Plaque leads to cavities which if not treated can lead to loss of tooth

Natural home remedy using rock salt and mustard oil:

1. Take 2 tsp of rock salt
2. Add 2 tsp of mustard oil
3. Massage this on your teeth
4. Leave it for 5 min
5. Gargle with water 

Natural home remedy using salt:

1. Take 1 glass lukewarm water
2. Add 1 tsp salt
3. Mix well
4. Gargle with this water every night


• Massage your teeth with clove oil
• Chew clove after every meal

• Include onions in your daily diet. Onions are effective in killing germs


  1. Hi,

    Tunashukuru sana kwa kuanzisha hii blog ya afya lakini nadhani ingekuwa nzuri zaidi kama ungekuwa unaandika katika lugha ya kiswahili ili tuelewe zaidi

  2. Tooth decay is caused by sugar and starch among other foods as these foods are devoid of vital nutrients like vitamin D, calcium; phosphorus, potassium and other minerals. The absence of these nutrients makes teeth weak and prone to decay. There are good home remedies mentioned in this blog. But the best and long term solution for preventing and treating tooth decay is by consuming nutrients dense food. Such food makes teeth strong and resistant to decay. I suggest this book “Cure tooth decay” by Ramiel Nagel to readers in which the author has explained causes of tooth decay and has recommended a nutritional plan which helps in prevention and reversal of tooth decay. Visit this website for more information



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