Monday, June 17, 2013

Ngozi & Uso Wenye Mafuta - Home Remedies for Oily Skin Care

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Care for Oily Skin:

• Oily skin is a result of overactive oil producing glands in the skin
• This makes the skin thick and greasy

Symptoms to look for:

• Blackheads
• Whiteheads
• Pimples
• Skin spots

Natural home remedy using apple and honey:

1. De-seed and crush 1 apple
2. Add 4 tbsp honey
3. Mix well
4. Apply on the face
5. Wash it off after 10 min

Natural home remedy using ice and milk: 

1. Dip 1 cube of ice in milk
2. Rub the ice on the face 
3. Keep dipping the ice in the milk and rubbing on your face for 5-10 min

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